Air Legs Recovery Massage Gun


Our latest product designed to recover your muscles after your workout to help aid faster recovery. 

With 20 speed settings and 4 attachments you can give your body the aided recovery that it needs and get back to work quickly. 

While this is perfect for any sporting activity it is not restricted for that use only, if you enjoy massages then this powerful massage gun can deliver a massage on the go, whether it be at an event, training camp or in the comfort of your own home. If you're in need of a loosening up without the need to book an appointment then the Air Legs Recovery Massage Gun is for you.

Massage Gun Benefits 

- Reduced Recovery Time

- Increased Blood Flow

- Clears Lactic Acid

- Releases Muscle Knots

- Breaks Down Scar Tissue

- Increased Range Of Motion

With a run time of up to 4hours (dependent on speed and pressure level used) it will be ready when you are.


1. Powerful Brushless High-Torque Motor with Quiet Glide Technology

2. Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (4+hrs of use per charge dependent on speed and pressure level used)

3. Multi-Speed Settings for Optimal Pressure

4. Cordless and Lightweight

5. Multiple interchangeable attachments

6. LCD Display

Available in Black, Red and Silver (Subject to current stock)

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