We've Upgraded Our Air Legs!

We've Upgraded Our Air Legs!

July 15, 2019

Recently we launched our new Air Legs and well, we thought it was about time we told you more about them and the reasoning behind our move!

Always striving to innovate and improve our product offering we’ve upgraded from a 4-chamber compression recovery system to a 6-chamber compression recovery system. This makes each recovery session more targeted and therefore more effective in eliminating lactic acid and helping you to recover faster.

athlete recovering using compression therapy

As an added benefit the new Air Legs also come in a smaller and lighter travel bag weighing just 5.2kg, great for taking to competitions around the UK and abroad. 

The system offers 6 unique recovery programs as displayed in the images below, each with its own purpose. You can also choose the intensity and length of your session to suit your needs.

Air Legs can be used Pre-workout to loosen the muscles and/or post workout to help muscles recover by eliminating lactic acid build up and improving blood circulation. 

Our Air Legs are currently being used by various athletes, helping them to recover faster and perform when required. British 800m runner Guy Learmonth has been using his 6-Chamber Air Legs in Italy whilst long distance runner Lily Partridge is taking her set to the USA for her tour in August. 

British 1500m Champion Chris O’Hare also used our 4-Chamber Air Legs, helping him to recover on the road!

Check out our Instagram feed to discover who else has been using our Air Legs!

If you or your club are interested in Air Legs recovery products and have any questions please get in touch through the Contact Us form or send us a DM on Instagram.