Introducing The Air Legs Recovery Massage Gun

Introducing The Air Legs Recovery Massage Gun

June 15, 2019

Here at Air Legs our goal is to help you train harder through providing you with the tools you need to recover faster. In line with this we recently launched our Recovery Massage Gun. The Air Legs Recovery Massage Gun is designed to help recover your muscles after a workout and aid faster recovery, in turn enhancing your athletic performance.

The recovery gun has 3 speed settings allowing you to decide the intensity of your recovery session. Alongside this, there are 4 separate attachments as seen in the image below, allowing you to target each muscle group as appropriate.

recovery gun

The basic idea behind the recovery gun is that by slowly moving it over various areas of your body, you stretch and massage the underlying soft tissues, which helps break up adhesions and scar tissues, releasing trigger points and relieving pain. The Air Legs Recovery Gun helps relieve your muscle stiffness, helping you to relax and improve mobility. The recovery gun can also be used as a convenient natural pain relief option and helps to promote blood circulation.

Though its primary focus is to help athletes recover faster and avoid injuries, with the various benefits listed above the recovery gun can also help manual workers recover from tough shifts and even office workers due to the pains that can arise from sitting at a desk from 9-5 all week.

The recovery gun comes with a small travel case, making it great for your next sporting event, the gym or even a holiday.

Prevent injuries, recover faster and give your body the aided recovery it needs to get back to work quickly with the Air Legs Recovery Massage Gun.