Introducing Air Legs

Introducing Air Legs

September 23, 2018

Recovery. An essential aspect of any sport.

The importance of recovery has been increasingly acknowledged by athletes, coaches and trainers, realising the multiple improvements that happen when they take the time to allow the body to recover. 

Compression therapy is one method of aiding recovery. Air Legs Compression Leg Recovery Systems accelerate recovery time after tough training sessions to help athletes continue to enhance their performance and meet their goals.  Comprising of one mini air pump and inflatable leg tube sleeves which have 4 air chambers, the pump compresses and inflates air into the air chambers intermittently from limb peripheral to centre, to initiate compression and massage around the legs. The compression and stimulation can reach meridians, deep muscle, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels to accelerate venous and lymph circulation.

When inflating, the vein vessel is drained and this accelerates the vein and lymph backflow and promotes blood circulation. When deflating, the sudden depression enforces the artery filling to make the vein rapidly fulfilled, this accelerates the blood circulation and activates the metabolism, and accelerates the drainage of pathological products in the athlete’s body.

Air Legs allow you to choose between 10, 20 and 30-minute treatment times and for the pressure to be adjusted to make the best effect and avoid any discomfort.

Compression therapy is used by athletes at the top level of football, rugby and athletics.

You can buy your Air Legs Recovery System here